Katie Alice Vintage Indigo Pack Of 4 Large Premium Placemats

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Inspired by the heritage art of Amsterdam, these large premium mats from the Vintage Indigo collection are pretty pieces from British designer Katie Alice. Vintage Indigo captures the elegance of delftware with a modern twist and styles it across fashionable pieces. These dining mats see delicate white polka dots contrast against a beautiful dark blue canvas. These mats feature a new luxury lacquered surface finish making them smooth and silky to touch, scratch and scuff resistant, easy to wipe clean, and able to withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees. A lacquered edge finish also adds more durability and prevents moisture damage to the beautiful surface design. A 5mm thickness and high quality cork back makes these mats slip resistant and the perfect choice for those looking for the best quality. Inspired by the delft tiles of Rembrandt's house, Vintage Indigo takes the Katie Alice brand in a fresh new direction, while keeping it's signature charm. Breathing new life into traditional blue and white porcelain, Vintage Indigo scatters dark blue roses on a bed of woven gingham, laced with Katie Alice"s trademark polka dots.Set of 4 premium mats. Dimensions: 400 x 290 x 5mm. The Northamptonshire-born lifestyle designer, Katie Alice, weaves her magical story across all her beautiful tableware collections, creating timeless, collectable pieces with quirky personality.