World of Flavours Blue Carbon Steel Wok


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Turn up the heat and stir up a real taste sensation with KitchenCraft's World of Flavours wok! This carbon steel wok is the perfect piece of kit for high-temperature 'wok-hei' cooking. It absorbs heat really quickly, so you can easily deep fry, steam, sear and stir fry your favourite Chinese dishes.

You won't have any trouble plating them up when they're cooked either. Its coated with a durable non-stick layer that releases food with ease - whether it's sticky soy-glazed pork or stir-fried sesame green beans. Suitable for cooking on most heat sources, this bright blue wok is ideal for seasoned chefs, as well cooks looking to try their hand at home-cooked Asian cuisine for the first time. 
Size: 30cm

Features & Benefits

Suitable for use on all heat sources excluding induction
Dishwasher safe
10 year guarantee