Unicorns Flat Pack Storage Box

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Unicorns Flat Pack Storage Box

Keep children’s bedrooms and playrooms tidy and organised with this brilliant, large storage box from the Leonardo’s Little Stars collection.

It is decorated with wonderfully whimsical illustrations of brightly coloured Unicorns in various poses, surrounded by rainbows and stars on a white and pink background, with the words ‘ALWAYS BE A UNICORN’  written in a stylish font. The lid, which has a padded finish allowing it to double up as a seat for little ones, fits snugly on top of the box which keeps its shape using a removable board, which sits in the bottom. Designed to fold flat, two sides of the base are collapsible which allows it to fit inside the lid for easy storage when not in use.  

Perfect for adding a pop of colour to children’s rooms, whilst also encouraging them to put their toys away, this charming box makes a wonderful gift for any expecting parents or young children!

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