Artesà Round White Marble Cheeseboard


When you've selected the perfect cheese board, you should present it with pride. Serve your wheels, blocks and truckles on Artesà's luxurious marble cheese board and you'll make it the centre of everyone's attention. This rectangular serving platter combines beautiful white marble with luxurious brass-coloured lettering, spelling the words ‘Cheese and pickles’. With its stunning natural imperfections and metallic shimmer, it’s an exquisite choice at dinner parties, as well as informal cheese-and-wine evenings with friends. After the cheese has been enjoyed and the evening has drawn to a close, the board can be easily washed in warm water, and can be hung by its leather strap to make a gorgeous wall decoration.

Key Features:

  • Measures 25.5 cm
  • Crafted from natural marble
  • Certified food safe
  • Finished with brass words of encouragement - Enjoy
  • Handwash only